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Internet Security

We prioritize your security when you use our website and online banking services.

The majority of your business activity and money management takes place online. So we'll show you the security systems in place to keep your information safe and provide additional resources to help you combat identity theft and fraud.
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Online protection starts here:

We provide information and safety measures needed to combat threats to online security.

To stay safe online, especially when using BankFive's Online Banking platform, consider these tips:
  • Never reveal your password to anyone or leave your password in an easily accessible place where someone else can obtain and use it.
  • Set a strong, unique password and change it on a regular basis.
  • Only work on a device you trust. Ensure that your security software, browser, and operating system are up-to-date, and be sure to only access Online Banking from a secure internet connection. Never conduct your banking business on public computers, or via a public Wi-Fi network.
  • Be aware of shoulder surfing. If you’re accessing Online Banking in a public place such as a coffee shop, airport, or library, be vigilant and aware of prying eyes that could be looking to uncover your login credentials or sensitive account information.
  • Be sure to fully log out of your Online Banking session. Do not rely on your browser’s “Back” button to exit the site.
  • Use Online Banking to review your accounts on a regular basis, and report any suspicious transactions or activity immediately by calling us at 774-888-6100.
Your BankFive Online Banking account features enhanced login security to increase your level of protection online. This security feature must recognize not only your username and password, but the device you’re using as well. If your device isn't recognized, you'll be prompted to have a security verification code sent to you via a phone call or text message. You’ll then have to enter this verification code before you’ll be granted access to your account. This additional line of defense protects against unauthorized access to your BankFive accounts.
We strongly recommend that you update your browser to the most recent version for the safest and best online experience. Our website in particular meets modern web standards and implements customized features that function best when using one of these supported browsers.
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version, updated frequently; may need to verify cookie settings for some applications within Online Banking to display properly, please follow on-screen instructions)
  • Internet Explorer (latest version)
  • Edge (latest version)
Additional information about cybersecurity is available:

A Bank Customer's Guide to Cybersecurity: The FDIC explains what consumers can do, and what banks and regulators are doing, to help prevent online fraud and theft.

Online Banking Best Practices for Businesses: offers some best practices for avoiding a cyberattack on your organization's bank accounts.
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