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President's Message

A note from Anne P. Tangen, BankFive President and CEO.

As mask mandates and gathering restrictions are being lifted in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we are encouraged by our new found freedom. I know I've been looking forward to leaving my mask behind, and being able to see family, friends and coworkers face to face.

These restrictions are changing because vaccination rates are increasing and positivity rates are decreasing. CDC guidance is stating that fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidelines.

We've all looked forward to getting back to normal, and likely didn't realize that getting back to normal would itself be a big change. As of May 29th, we are no longer requiring masks in our branches or offices for those who have been vaccinated. We are beginning to accept invitations, attend in person meetings and host events.

We have all changed through this pandemic - customers have adopted our technology at record speeds and we have rolled out new services like Video Banking to make sure we can connect at your convenience and location. The one thing that hasn't changed is our ongoing commitment to our employees' and customers' safety. We will continue to adhere to all safety protocols and remind everyone that the best way to keep each other safe is to vaccinate. If you can vaccinate, we ask that you do so. If you are not getting vaccinated, we ask that you adhere to the guidance and continue to wear a mask in public settings, including our branches and offices.

Looking forward to seeing you in person soon!

Anne P. Tangen
Headshot of Anne Tangen, BankFive's President & CEO

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