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Focused on maintaining BankFive's tradition of financial strength and community investment.

Meet our Board of Directors, Corporators, and Honorary Directors, a group committed to preserving our legacy and adapting to meet your financial needs into the future.
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President's Message
A message from our President and CEO, Anne P. Tangen. Learn More


William H. Lapointe
William H. Lapointe
Chairman of the Board,
President, The Lapointe Insurance Agency

M. Helena Amaral
M. Helena Amaral
Kane & Kane, Inc.

Peter C. Bogle
Peter C. Bogle
BankFive's Clerk of the Corporation

Raymond S. DeLeo
Raymond S. DeLeo
President & CEO,
Gooding Realty Corporation

Lisa N. Graham
Lisa N. Graham
Norman & Graham CPAs

Karl D. Hetzler
Karl D. Hetzler
H & S Tool & Engineering, Inc.

Peter T. Kavanaugh
Peter T. Kavanaugh
Brownell Boat Stands, Inc.

Michelle A. Pelletier Colberg
Michelle A. Pelletier
Jefferson Realty

Jeffrey J. Reilly
Jeffrey J. Reilly, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic,
Jeffrey J. Reilly Chiropractic

Edward G. Siegal
Edward G. Siegal
GE Supply, LLC

Anne P. Tangen
Anne P. Tangen
President & CEO, 

Sumner J. Waring
Sumner J. Waring, III
Chief Operating Officer,
Service Corporation International



Carmen Aguilar
Maureen S. Armstrong
Matthew M. Aspden
Emily Babbitt
Robert Beatty
Paul C. Burke
Paul T. Carrigg
John P. Collias
John J. Coughlin Esq.
Adam Cove
John B. Cummings III
Helena DaSilva Hughes
John F. Dator, Jr.
Carolyn Duane
William R. Eccles III
Maria Ferreira-Bedard
Kenneth Fiola, Jr.
Derek George
Sarah Gonet
Andrew Herlihy
Frank A. Holmes
Tracy (Teresa) A. Gerety Ibbotson, MEd
James J. Kalife
Alyssa A. Karam
Alex Kavanaugh
Bradford L. Kilby
Paul R. Laflamme
Sean R. Lafrance
Ava Lambert
John Lapointe
Mark L. Levin
Nicole Lund
John A. Markey, Jr.
Jeffrey P. Medeiros
Jay Mello, Pastor
Jennifer J. Mendard
Heike Milhench
Robert A. Mongeon
Cathleen L. Moniz
Robert T. Mullen, Jr.
Michelle Neves Hantman
Polly O'Neil Feitelberg
Kim L. Perry
Clifford A. Ponte
Michael Quinn
Lisa Raiche
Bradford L. Rapoza
James Reid
Gina M. Rezendes
Michael J. Rodriges
Ronald Rusin, Jr.
Steven P. Sabra
Roger H. Saint-Pierre
Andrew G. Schofield, Jr.
Michael Silvia
Edward J. Sylvia
Jennifer L. Vincent
Stephen Ward


George Bedard
William R. Eccles Jr.
Bradford J. Faxon
Kathleen Harrington
Robert W. Lavoie
Eldredge H. Leeming
Joan M. Mendard
Dorene A. Menezes
M. Paula Raposa
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