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The Nickels Savings Account For Kids

We're dedicated to teaching kids how to save, and making it a memorable, fun experience.

Our Nickels Savings Account is a fun way for kids 12 and under to learn responsible money management. Whenever your child wants to make a deposit, no matter how big or small, just bring their passbook* to any BankFive branch. They'll learn how fun and easy saving money can be, and they'll be on the right path toward achieving their future financial goals.

Establish good savings habits early:

  • Available to children 12 and under
  • All deposit amounts encouraged
  • Earn interest on balances of $10 or more
  • Free stuffed Nickels toy at account opening
  • Receive a Nickels birthday card every year

*Statement accounts also available

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Meet Nickels, BankFive’s Mascot

Hi! I’m Nickels, BankFive's mascot. I was born in Fall River on Teach Children to Save Day and I think saving money is cool. I love to help kids learn about saving money.

You’ll see me walking in parades and visiting schools with my BankFive friends – who also love to see kids save. They even named the kids savings account after me. How awesome is that? With the Nickels Savings Account, kids can watch their money grow in their own passbook or statement account, where their money is safe. I even reward them for saving by giving them a stuffed toy that looks just like me when they open a brand new Nickels Savings Account.

I send my Nickels Savings Account friends birthday cards on their special day and offer money tips to help them learn about money. I want all the kids in our Massachusetts and Rhode Island area to learn how to save their money!

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