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Passbook Savings Accounts

Simplify your saving with the easy record keeping of a traditional passbook.

If you're looking for an easier way to save, a passbook savings account may be the right fit for you. Instead of keeping tabs on your account activity through electronic or paper statements, you'll receive an actual passbook where you'll track your transactions. The passbook is tangible proof of account ownership and can be a great organizational tool for all ages.

Withdrawals must be done in-person at a BankFive branch so that the teller can appropriately log the transaction in your passbook. That may seem like extra work, but because transactions must be done in-person during banking hours, customers often find they are less likely to make everyday withdrawals. Because there is an extra step to gaining access to your money, a passbook account can help encourage you to save more by leaving your savings untouched.

You can opt for a passbook with these accounts:

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deposit insurance. Ensure the safety of every penny!
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