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First-Time Home Buyer Mortgages

Your dream requires our commitment to helping you fulfill it.

Buying your first home is a major accomplishment and milestone. As a community bank invested in our Massachusetts and Rhode Island neighbors, BankFive lowers the barriers to homeownership by offering special mortgage products with favorable terms, including options for low or no down payments.

Options for first-time homebuyers:

  • FHA Loans have relaxed credit restrictions, and low down payment requirements, helping to make homeownership more accessible.
  • Our VA Loans are structured to help military veterans purchase homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island with no down payment requirement.
  • Our conventional mortgages allow for a down payment as low as 3% of the purchase price, depending on your credit score.

June 29
Michelle is the BEST loan officer I've ever worked with
Working with Michelle from BankFive was an absolute pleasure. Unlike other loan officers who are looking to make a quick sale and push you off to the next rep, Michelle was extremely hands on throughout the process and EXTREMELY knowledgable about all of the best practices to save ME money at the end of the day. She was quick to answer my questions and MOST important of all, she offered a competitive loan that beat out literally every other mortgage company I researched and got quotes from (and I researched a ton of companies). If I had to go back and close on my home a second time, I would 1000% choose Michelle from BankFive as she was a big reason why we were able to close successfully.
Anthony Gallo
June 24
Smooth Processing
Process was very smooth, got good rates. Jim was very helpful throughout the process. Can’t ask for anything more.
Sri Venkata Naga V R Vadakattu
May 11
Excellent teamwork
The entire team has been excellent to work with! Yubetzy, Vaida and Wil went over and beyond in supporting two real estate transactions for us. We are very happy with our terms and so appreciative of the the level of care from everyone on Wil’s team.
Jenn Z.
May 05
Great experience
Great experience! Fast very informative and streamlined mortgage process. Monica Botelho was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend anyone to work with her.
Jon vida
April 19
Susana Neves Coito and Tina Gobin are the best!
Susana Neves Coito and Tina Gobin were both very helpful in processing our mortgage loan. They made what seemed like an overwhelming ordeal, into an easier than expected experience. They walked us through each step clearly and talked us off each ledge. Susana and Tina were always very professional, courteous and prompt in getting back to us. I will recommend Bank5 to my friends and family.
John and Rod
February 27
Michelle Guertin is simply the BEST
I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle twice now for mortgage refinancing. She is professional, informative, and guided me through the ( sometimes) very confusing process with efficiency, attentiveness, and outstanding customer service, She was always accessible for questions and keeping me informed of all steps along the way. She is a true asset to Bank 5 and I highly recommend Michelle for any mortgage needs.
B. Quinn
January 13
We purchased a house on Cape Cod at the end of October. Our mortgage was pre approved by a lender in Florida; home of our primary residence. After the appraisal and inspections and all other issues of purchase were finalized this lender tried to add an outrageous additional fee to the closing; within 5 days of scheduled close. That is when my wife and I were introduced to an incredible group people; lead by Claudette Vickery of Bank Five. They assured us that if we could comply with supplying all required documents and paperwork that they could get us qualified and closed within 21/25 days . It was a challenge for all involved but a group of four or five people in the mortgage department worked with us 24 hours a day including weekends and we closed in less as scheduled.
Jeff & Pam
January 05
Bank5 did an excellent job from initial…
Bank5 did an excellent job from initial app to final closing … they met my timeline and reevaluated the appraisal to a higher amount per my request… very professional but flexible to meet my needs
January 05
Nice and smooth process...
Nice and smooth process...
December 29
Process was smooth and efficient
Process was smooth and efficient. Lender took care of everything that it could.
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First-Time Homebuyer Mortgages
FHA Loans VA Loans Conventional Loans
Backed By Federal Housing Administration United States Department of Veterans Affairs Federal National Mortgage Association (commonly referred to as "Fannie Mae") and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (commonly referred to as "Freddie Mac")
Down Payment Requirement As little as 3.5% of purchase price No down payment required As little as 3% of purchase price, depending on credit score
Geographical Restrictions None None None
Income Limits None None None
Credit Requirements Minimum credit score of 620 Minimum credit score of 620 Minimum credit score of 620
Property Types Single family residences, FHA-approved condominiums, and 2-4 family homes Single family residences, VA-approved condominiums, and 2-4 family homes Single family residences, condominiums, and 2-4 family homes
Must Be Owner-Occupied Yes Yes No
Mortgage Insurance Required Yes No Required if down payment is less than 20%
Special Requirements N/A Must have served 90 consecutive days of active service during wartime, or 181 days of active service during peacetime, or have more than 6 years of service in the National Guard or Reserves, or be the spouse of a service member who has died in the line of duty or as a result of a service-related disability N/A
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