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Security Alerts

Unfortunately it's becoming more and more common for criminals to try and gain access to customers' personal and financial information.

It's our goal to alert you of any scams that appear to be legitimate communications from BankFive, explain how to identify a real message from us, and outline the steps you should take if you believe your information has been compromised.

Please keep your accounts safe by remembering these important tips:
  • BankFive will never initiate a phone call to you and ask for your account information.
  • You can't always believe caller ID. Thieves have been known to mask their phone number to look like a legitimate company's phone number.
  • If you are ever concerned about a caller claiming to be BankFive, hang up and call us back at our main public phone number: 1-774-888-6100.
  • If you receive an unexpected check from an unknown entity, it may be a scam. Bring any questionable checks to the bank and alert us to your concern so that we can notify the authorities if the checks are in fact fraudulent.
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Security Alert
A recent scam is targeting banking customers on social media. Never provide your personal or banking information to unknown individuals. Learn More
BankFive has identified activities in which individuals are sent fraudulent text messages and e-mails that request certain personal data such as account numbers, Social Security Numbers, Online Banking user names, and passwords. These communications usually state that there is a need to update your information or that there is a problem with your account. They will then direct you to a link to update your personal information.

If you receive such a message, DO NOT PROVIDE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION.

As a reminder to our customers, BankFive will never ask you for personal information online, via email or by text message. If you ever receive a message where this information is requested, DO NOT GIVE OUT THIS INFORMATION.
As a reminder to all BankFive customers, BankFive and its affiliates will never call to request your account number or ATM/Debit Card PIN number. If you ever receive a call requesting your personal account information, please do not disclose the information and immediately contact BankFive's Customer Contact Center at 774-888-6100 to notify us of the situation.
Please be aware, that several customers have received a solicitation regarding mortgage insurance from Mortgage Protection Insurance Services. While the mailing may look like it is from or associated with BankFive, Mortgage Protection Insurance Services is in no way affiliated with BankFive. Their disclosure indicates that the information regarding the mortgage was gathered from public records.
At BankFive, the security of your information is a top priority. Despite our best efforts to protect our customers’ information, breaches can occur at the point of sale, which was the case with the newsworthy breaches at Home Depot, Kmart, and Target over the past few years. Any time we learn of a data breach such as these, we take action immediately, alerting affected customers and reissuing affected cards. BankFive will continue to work with the card networks, law enforcement, and industry associations to understand the scope of such breaches and take the best course of action to protect our customers.


BankFive Security Response Team

If you receive any suspicious mail, emails, text messages, or phone calls purporting to be BankFive asking for your account or personal information, please contact us immediately at 774-888-6100 or toll free at 1-800-679-4420. Our Security Response team will review the messages, verify that they were not sent by BankFive, and help you to determine if your information has been compromised.

What we are doing:

We continually take a variety of steps to protect your sensitive personal information and accounts, including:
  • Monitoring accounts for indications of suspicious activity
  • Blocking and reissuing cards for affected accountholders
  • Reimbursing customers for confirmed fraudulent transactions

What you should do:

Consider these recommendations to verify the security of your personal information and account data:
  • Check your account for suspicious activity- review your account statements and transactions, and alert us if you notice anything amiss.
  • Enroll in alerts through Online Banking to warn of suspicious activity on your accounts.
  • If you have reason to suspect fraud, contact BankFive immediately by phone, by secure email within your Online Banking account, or in-person at any of our branch locations.

This American Bankers Association infographic explores cybersecurity and data breaches, outlining three main topics of interest for BankFive customers:
  1. Statistics about banks and security breaches
  2. What consumers think about data breaches
  3. What banks are doing to protect customers from breaches and cyber threats

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