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Commercial Team

Our seasoned Commercial Specialists are ready to tailor a financial solution for your business.

We don't consider business banking and lending to be impersonal, cookie-cutter solutions. They're vital to your business, so we take time to create the right mix for your unique needs. Discover the difference of getting a commercial loan or a business banking account from a community bank that's truly invested in Massachusetts and Rhode Island businesses.

Paul Medeiros, BankFive Commercial Lender

Paul Medeiros
Senior Vice President

Phone: 774-888-6130

Meet Paul
Gary Fealy, BankFive Commercial Lender

Gary Fealy
First Vice President

Phone: 774-888-6127

Meet Gary
Lynn Malasi, BankFive Commercial Lender

Lynn Malasi
First Vice President

Phone: 774-888-6252

Meet Lynn
William Beauchene, BankFive Commercial Lender

William Beauchene
First Vice President

Phone: 774-888-6126

Meet Bill
Alicia Ambrose, BankFive Commercial Lender

Alicia Ambrose
Vice President

Phone: 774-888-6315

Meet Alicia
Joseph Borges, BankFive Commercial Lender

Joseph Borges
Vice President

Phone: 774-888-6221

Meet Joe
Will Mendonca, BankFive Commercial Lender

Willitts Mendonca
Vice President

Phone: 774-888-6133

Meet Will
Harold Rose, BankFive Commercial Lender

Harold Rose
Vice President

Phone: 774-888-6120

Meet Harry
John Sousa, BankFive Commercial Lender

John Sousa
Vice President

Phone: 774-888-6276

Meet John
Peter Murray, BankFive Commercial Lender

Peter Murray
Vice President

Meet Peter
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Business Banking Resources
Learn more about our commercial loans and mortgages.